Points2shop pays money!

Points2shop is one of the most used Get Paid sites on the web today.Why not? It is the easiest way to earn quick cash for teens, moms, and anyone. The best way to earn a good income online is to use many sites together and I recommend putting Points2shop on the list of best money making sites. I received a payment from them and here it is:

My earnings with making money online have taken a big leap since I joined Points2shop. They are an easy survey site that requires maybe 20 minutes a day. I really recommend that users put this in their arsenal of Get Paid sites. Join today because you can earn quick cash!

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Fast Cash with Cashpirate

Found another excellent way to earn quick cash online. This get paid site is called Cashpirate and I receive payment from them just a couple days ago. I really like this site because the offers approve almost instantly. The payout is at $5 and I made that in one hour because it is so fast. They pay by pay pal, or check. here is the payment I received:

Cashpirate is highly recommend way to earn money online fast. They are just like any other Get Paid To site, you complete surveys and earn money. They are better than Cashcrate by far! Join today!

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Earn Cash for your Opinion, IMReportCard

Did you know that you can earn quick cash online by giving your opinion? With IM Report Card you can! This is a Get Paid to Review site where users review products, services, and people. This is one of the quickest ways to earn money online!

What is IM Report Card?

This site provides hundreds of internet products, services, and people and the users are able to review them. This way people can know what is a scam on the internet by reading reviews prior to using the service.

How can I Earn Quick Cash with IM Report Card?

You are paid in credits on this site. You can earn credits by rating a review, rating a comment, or reviewing a product. The credits are given by:

Rate a Review or another users' comment:        1 Credit
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp:  10 Credits
Add your own comment to any review:  50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review: 75 Credits
100 Credits is equal to $1.

As you can see it is very simple to earn money with this program. They payout is at $20 or 2000 credits, but that can be reached within a day. IM Report Card pays via Paypal, and they pay withing 24 hours!

Are there any rules?

Yes yes, just like any money making site there are some rules that users need to follow such as:

  1. Don't spam your reviews. Write a well thought out more than 100 word review. If you do not know about the service, product, or person try to sound like you do. Read the original review and compose one with that information.
  2. You have 10 strikes then you are banned. Meaning if your comments get rejected ten times then you are done with the site.
  3. You can grade reviews but only if you also gave your comments. You have to keep a balance of it all.
So there you have it, if you want to earn quick money online, then IM Report Card is for you. It is fun, easy and fast. This is a recommended site by me because earning $20 in less than two hours is highly reachable with this program. Join today, and watch your money grow!

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Autofill Survey Forms with Roboform

Do you get tired of filling in forms asking for addresses, names, phone numbers, etc? There are tools that will auto fill surveys in for you, which in turn can make you earn more money online... This application acts as a Firefox addon and its task is to save your information and fill forms in automatically.

What are the benefits of Form Fillers?

If you are familiar with Get Paid sites than you know that filling the forms over and over again can be hard. What Roboform does is when prompted by you, it will fill in the boxes with your information that was saved as a profile.

How does this allow me to Earn Money Online?

First I recommend that you join a Get Paid to take Survey site such as Cashcrate, Points2shop, and Deal Barbie Pays. This tool will allow you to earn money by cutting of a lot of valuable time which was spend by manual form filling. This saved time will allow you to do more surveys and be more productive. More surveys = More Money!

Where can I use form fillers to earn quick cash?

This tool is meant for Get Paid To (GPT) sites. I have a recommendation of good GPT sites at the bottom of the post for you. We all have a lot of things going on in our lives, and using these form fillers will save time and make more money!

This tool is wonderful. It is free and can be downloaded from there website. I recommend this to all users who want to take surveys online. Also some recommended Get Paid sites are:

Get Paid to Take Surveys:

Those sites are perfect to use Roboform with. You can download and install Roboform here: http://roboform.com. Try these sites with the tool, and watch your money grow!

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Earn Quick Cash Online with Youdata

When I say earn quick cash, it is true. Youdata is the best Pay to Click program that pays fast. YouData is a advertising company that pays you to view there advertisers banners and websites. That is what a pay to click program is. But YouData is different. Most PTC programs pay $0.01 per click and view, this program pays $0.10 to $0.15! That is amazing!

What is a Pay To Click?

It is a good idea to know what a Pay To Click(PTC) is before joining. Well a PTC program gathers advertisers who pay the program to display there text links, websites, and banners. The program in return shows these ads to us, and we get paid to view it. It is the simplest way to earn money online.

How to Earn Money

YouData is very simple. First register your account at Youdata, then you will have advertisements available to you. Every week new ads are added and it takes one minute to complete them. You can also download there simple program on your computer so there is no need to go the website to check for new advertisements.

How does YouData pay?

They pay via PayPal, it is quick, easy and free. They payout every Friday and there is no minimum cashout.If you earned $0.10, you will get the money! This is why this a quick way to earn cash online!

This is a great site. I have been paid many times from them. I like the professionalism of there website and staff. More information about Youdata can be found at, Youdata Pay to Click Review. Join today and receive your free money!

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50 Ways to get Referrals

If you want to maximize your earnings online, referrals can help. Referrals are a quick way to earn cash because you will earn a percentage of there earnings for life. There are thousands of ways to get referrals but here is a list of the top 50 ways to get referrals for any Get Paid program on the internet...

Ways to get Referrals

1. Make a blog or website with Blogger or Wordpress.
2. Tell friends and family by word of mouth.
3. Social bookmark your website/blog on Digg, Stumbleupon, etc.
4. Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog and website.
5. Link-Exchange with other websites and blogs.with 
6. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
7. Write an article on Ezine Articles, GoArticles, etc.
8. Join forums, and add your blog or referral link in the Signature.
9. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos.
10. Make a youtube video explaining your program.
11. Tell your online gaming community (i.e World of Warcraft guilds)
12. Walk through parking lots putting fliers on cars.
13. Join forums, and add your blog or referral link in the Signature.
14. Find chat rooms and groups and explain to them.
15. Post on classified ad sites, like Craigslist.
16. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
17. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos.
18. Attach a .txt in an RAR file a upload with your referral link.
19. Find local businesses and give them fliers to hand out.
20. Explain to people through Instant Messaging and Private messages.
21. Link-Exchange with other websites and blogs.
22. Buy advertising space on other people's websites and blogs.
23. Advertise on on-line games.
24. Print business cards and hand them out to people.
25. Buy "paid to sign up" at other GPT sites
26. Buy a expired domain with a lot of traffic and redirect it to your referral link or Blog.
27. Buy signature links on blogs/forums/groups.
28. Offer cash or other things to people for signing up..
29. Put your referral link in a mp3/video/etc and upload to Torrent sites.
30. Use traffic exchanges like EasyHits4U.
31. Google Adwords advertisements.
32. Join social communities online and promote.
32. Radio advertisement for your referral link or website.
33. Make a TV commercial and advertise your website/blog/referral link.
34. Attach your referral link in your email address.
35. Send email to all contacts and tell them about your program
36. Tell friends at school
37. Make a virtual business card online and spread it around the internet.
38. Build a big Facebook/Myspace friends list and spread your link/blog.
39. Post fliers in your community with tear of tabs and information.
40. Place business cards with referral link in public restrooms.
41. Explain that your program is not a scam, show them proof of payment.
42. Make a free game site with a lot of free games and advertise your referral link.
43. Offer to help find their first referrals after signing up under you.
44. Tell your sports teams.
45. Make a proof of payment video, post it on Youtube, Dailymotion etc.
46. Make a sidewalk booth, promote your referral link.
47. Pass out fliers at big community events such as fairs.
48. Get a community bulletin board.
49. Give your postman fliers/cards to put in boxes.
50. Use your imagination!

That was a list of 50 ways to get referrals so you can earn cash using the internet. There are more ways but these ways have always worked for me. The list is in no particular order and to be the most successful most of these should be used. If you are wondering what Get Paid sites to use these with, then I recommend:

Earn Cash Online:

Good luck! If these are done, you will see your referrals grow in no time!

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At Home Moms Can Make Money Using the Internet

Are you a stay at home mom? Would you like to help your family's overall income? Times are tough but that does not mean that opportunities are low. Mothers can make anywhere from $100 to $1000 a month if they put a little effort in. This can be done with Get Paid sites, which are fast, easy, and fun.

Make Money using the Internet

The internet is enormous, there are millions of opportunities for everyone. Did you know that millions of mom make money using the internet? Opportunities are there and there is always space for more earners. Get Paid sites will always be available if advertisers are available, and as we can see advertising is not going to go anywhere for a long time. Help your household income by spending less than one hour a day on the computer, I will explain how one can do this.

Quick Ways to Earn Cash

If you join these programs, you will be able to earn a great amount for yourself. I like Get Paid sites because they pay very fast, either payout is every day or end of the month. Affiliate programs, where you sell an item for a company, do not payout fast. They take over months to do it. Some recommended programs by me are:


This is by far the best site on the internet. They are trustworthy, I have received five payments from them. They pay by check at end of each month, and have the highest per survey rates. They have a two level referral system, and a great community to get help. Join this one today!
moms can earn money with cashcrate


This is another great site. You do surveys, and earn points and redeem them on Amazon.com. You can also earn cash while points but mostly this site is used for anything on Amazon. The great part is that you can redeem or cash out your share whenever you wish. They have a two level referral system and a huge online community over a million members. Join today!
moms can earn money with points2shop

Deal Barbie Pays

The name might sound weird, but this site has paid out over one million dollars and stands out strong in the Get Paid business. They have more quick ways to earn cash than the rest. There are over 1000 surveys to complete that are all free meaning a great income for you. Recommended by me!
moms can earn money with deal barbie pays


This one one of those special programs that are one of a kind. You get points to search just like on Google, Yahoo, etc. You can earn a lot of gift cards and prizes with this program. I have received many gift cards to Amazon.com or there are cards to retail stores as well. This is one of the most fun ways to earn money online. Try it today!
moms can earn money with swagbucks

Moms Can Earn Money Online!

Yes, you can! You can earn as much as you want depending on the effort you put in. But less than one hour a day can let you receive a check of at least $200 a month. This is a great extra boost to your family income. Some other great ways to earn money include Youdata, and Cashlagoon. Times are tough but opportunities aren't, don't waste time, join a program above and get started today! They are all free!

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Why Referrals are Important

Referrals are important. They are very important. Referrals are another quick way to earn cash online. If you can get good referrals, you can earn three times the amount you do now...

What can Referrals do for me?

The answer to this question is that they can do whatever you are doing. Referrals join under you on sites like Cashcrate, or Swagbucks and do exactly the same tasks of making money as you do. But the difference is that, you earn a certain percentage of their earnings. That is why you can earn more money if you have referrals.

How can I earn money with Referrals?

If you are a member of a Get Paid site, I recommend Cashcrate, then you are given your own personal referral link. New users need to use this link and sign up on the site. Upon doing that, they are put as your referral and you will earn from them. For example, on Cashcrate and Points2shop you get a referral to sign up under you, then whenever they earn you will earn 20% of that. Great way to earn cash using the internet!

Where do I get Referrals?

This is one of the most asked questions on get paid sites. Everyone has there special methods to get them. Some basics are by word of mouth to friends, church members, sports team, family, etc. Another one is to make a poster and post it in your school, university, church, community places, library, restaurants, etc.

I like to put posters up in my university, this gets me many referrals because all students need the money. Another simple one is to make a Youtube video. This is very beneficial, just be yourself and explain how you complete a survey on your favorite site.

Another one is to purchase advertisement for your newspaper. This is by far the best method because it can bring in hundreds of referrals. These were just some basics, getting referrals takes thought and time. If you find a good one, don't tell anyone and keep it a secret, it will benefit you more!

What if I don't get any Referrals?

For example, If you earned $300 from Cashcrate just from surveys (congrats to you, that is a great achievement) then there will be very few surveys left and it takes time for the company to add more. If you have referrals then they can earn for you, meaning you can relax while they earn and enjoy the money every month. So if you do not get any referrals then your income will seize at one point. So tell your friends and explain to them as a basic way to get referrals. Friends can earn you a lot of money!

As you can see referrals are important if you want to make money using the internet. They will increase your income by threefold. Sign up to trusted sites such as Cashcrate, Points2Shop, DealBarbiePays, Swagbucks and more, then spread the word!

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Earn Cash Fast with Cashcrate

Cashcrate Surveys are Easy

I just can not get enough of Cashcrate. It is so easy to earn money. I never specifically talked about there surveys and I can say that they pay the most per surveys and it confirms the fastest...

When teens, mothers, or anyone interested in an extra income joins Cashcrate they are overwhelmed at how to begin. I recommend users to finish all the Quiz surveys first. These will be presented from QuizJungle and QuizRocket. These pay good money plus they take less than one hour to confirm.

The best part is that there are over $50 of these simple fast approving quizzes. I have seen that once people can complete most of those these they become experts at all get paid to take survey sites. Everyone knows the saying, "You have to walk before you can run", well same goes for Cashcrate. Start small then end big!

Earn More Money with Cashcrate Contests

Every month, Cashcrate has its own contest. They give out great prizes from LCD televisions, iPod's, video games, gift cards and more. They give out close to 50 prizes each month, so top 50 will receive a prize. Most months they have contests specifically for newcomers. The contest entails to who can complete the most surveys.

This is awesome for new users because they have so many surveys to complete. If you earn more than $100 then you will receive a prize! Don't miss out on this great oppurtunity!

Cashcrate is Scam Free!

If you are still pondering on the fact about scams online then rest assure that Cashcrate is not a scam. I have posted many of my payment proofs on this website which are available to see. Cashcrate was the first get paid to site on the web and they have paid every user what they deserve since the beginning.

If you want to make money using the internet then Cashcrate is your answer. It is easy, fast, and fun. If you just lost your job, or you are a Teen to a Mother, to just about anyone, Cashcrate is built for you.

Start in on the fun! Feel free to join below:

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Quick Ways to Earn Cash for Teens

Are you a teenager that needs money? Do your parents not give you enough cash? Well that does not stop anyone from earning cash using the internet. Using Get Paid To sites, teens can really make some decent earnings. This site covers many ways to do so as well. Some quick ways to earn cash for teens are Cashcrate, Points2shop, Swagbucks, and YouData...

  1. Cashcrate - This is the best way for a teen to earn cash. When I first started, I was very young on this site and this site allowed me to earn more than one hundred dollars. I tried others but never did understand them clearly. They have a great community to help, plus it is completely free and perfect to teenagers looking to make money using the internet.
  2. Points2shop - this site will mostly attract teens because of how they award the prizes. You earn points and then it can be redeemed at Amazon for any items. Teens can use the points to get video games, movies, etc. This site is very simple to use and one can earn over $100 easily. 
  3. Swagbucks - all the above sites requires work to complete surveys, this one almost requires no work. If you already search the web for school, or fun then this is for you. Swagbucks rewards users for searching. I already earned very good money here just by searching. You can redeem your points for just about anything from gift cards, video games, music, movies, etc. A perfect way to earn cash using the internet.
  4. Search & Win swagbucks easy way to earn money
  5. YouData - this is the easiest way to earn. It requires two minutes of your time. It is a pay to click meaning you get paid to view advertisements. You will not have a big earning with this, but at least $1 to $2 a week for only two minutes of your time. They pay via PayPal so it is quick.

Teens can earn money online. I did and so can you. It takes only thirty minutes a day, and you can have a good earning. This was a list of quick ways to earn cash for teens. There are more opportunities around that I have not reviewed. This was just my favorite ways to earn. Join the one that interests you and watch your money grow!

(Use the Firefox Addons to Autocomplete Surveys to do surveys faster!)

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YouData Payment Received

YouData is a Pay to Click site that pays users for viewing banners and ads. I reviewed them previously at YouData - Get Paid To Click Review. I received my second payment from them and once again i am impressed by there program. The payment I received...

I received $0.83 from them for doing about 3 minutes of work. I know it is not much, but every little bit counts. They pay via PayPal only, so if you have not join please join below:

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Swagbucks to Replace Google by 2010

Replace Google? Is that even possible? The way Google has been growing for the past 10 years has been astonishing. Google search engine is great for all users, but does it pay you to search? I don't think so. Swagbucks, a Google and Ask.com search engine, has been hitting users with a big shock.

Swagbucks lets people earn points called swagbucks for searching the web. You do not know when you will earn a point, it is random, making it even more fun. The feeling of searching Google and getting your results can never compare to search Swagbucks and all of sudden receiving that point. It is awesome!

They offer thousands of prizes to redeem with your swagbucks from posters, music, gift cards, video games to even school supplies. Searching on Swagbucks is not the only thing you can do, you can try to find the daily Swagcode that the site owners put out. This is an easy way to earn Swagbucks as well.

If your not fond of doing searches, you can always refer your friends, family, and others to join under you. Swagbucks has a unique referral system where you earn up to 100 points of your referral. After the 100 points, you cannot receive anymore from them. It is unique and works out really well in the end.

Are you wondering what is the point of using Swagbucks, big deal it gives you points to search! Daily almost every internet user uses a search engine to get information have that be Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc but none have a system that rewards you for doing it. Swagbucks allows users to earn cash online.

Swagbucks is unique, it will take over Google. Everyone wants to get free stuff and Swagbucks allows users to do that. Why are you still using Google, Yahoo, Bing? Switch over to Swagbucks and get your swag on!

Join today below:

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Cashlagoon Payment Received!

I always like to show my payment proof because that really gets users motivated and want to try it. Well I received a quick PayPal payment from them. They pay very well per survey so I cashed out after doing one survey. I recommend Cashlagoon to all users because it was one of the first most trusted money making GPT sites. If you are not aware of this site, please read:... Cashlagoon Get Paid To Review.

Here is the payment received:

You can see that they do pay. I requested payment 10 minutes prior and received it. I recommend Cashlagoon to all users who are looking to earn Money Online. Please join below and check them out:

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How you can make Money Online with Cashlagoon

Cashlagoon is one of the earliest Get Paid To money making sites on the web. They are part of Lagoon companies, that range from Rubikslagoon, Gaminglagoons, etc. They have a lagoon for just about everything. Because this is a Money Making site, I will review and present why Cashlagoon is a good Get Paid To site...

I have received multiple payments from Cashlagoon. The best part about this site is that they do not have a minimum payout! You know what that means? I can request payment if I have $0.01 or $100, it does not matter! No other GPT program offers this. This program allows for quick ways to earn cash via paypal.

They pay through paypal or check, I recommend Paypal because payments are sent in less than 10 minutes. They have many offers just like other GPT sites. They have a great referral system at 3 levels from 20%, 10%, and 0.8%. Not many Get Paid sites have that 3rd level, Cashlagoon does!

Features of Cashlagoon:

  1. Instant cashout via paypal at any amount!
  2. 3 level referral system.
  3. Over 2000 free offers.
  4. Earn points as well as money.
Cashlagoon is a great site to make money using the internet. You can ask for your money at any time! Read the post on how you can Autocomplete Surveys in less than 20 seconds, this will teach you how to automate survey completion to help with all survey sites.

Try out Cashlagoon today, it is fun and easy to make money online. Join below today:

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Deal Barbie Pays Get Paid To - Review

Deal Barbie Pays is another site ranking above most in the Get Paid To business. They have over 1000 survey offers to complete totaling over $2000. This site also provides many more options then others. They have games, raffle drawings, advertisements, pay to click, and more all in one. The potential to earn cash using the internet is higher with these extra features.

This is the perfect site for a user that is looking for many money making opportunities all in one. The minimum payout is at $20 with Paypal or check. Paypal is sent instantly to your account! This means no more waiting for your money to come!...

Some great features about making money with Deal Barbie Pays is:

  •  A $5 free signup bonus!
  • More than 1000 surveys to complete.
  • Pay to click offers as well.
  • Instant Paypal payments or check.
  • Earn 20% of Level 1 Referrals, and 10% of Level 2 Referrals! 

This program pays you 20% of what your direct referrals make plus 10% of what your direct referrals' referrals make. That is a good service because the earning potential from referrals is lifetime and endless. A unique feature is that you can purchase a referral program. All users that sign up without a referral link are automatically added to someones account. To do this one can purchase a referral upgrade, this gives you the ability to receive those non referral sign ups. Another great feature!

I really like this site because of all the different and unique ways to earn money. I would still rank Cashcrate as the number one GPT site with Points2shop closely behind, but Deal Barbie Pays comes in third. They have paid out over $700,000. Isn't that number impressing? I think it is!

Again, I recommend users to try Deal Barbie Pays because you never know which site you might like. The most important part is that they pay you for your hard work and they pay very well per survey. If you need a job, or a teen, or a stay at home mom, then join today as it will benefit you alot. Please feel free to click below and sign up:

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Another Payment from Cashcrate!

I received another payment from Cashcrate. This site is so awesome, they always pay on time and you can earn so much money online with this website. This is my 5th payment so far totaling over $207! Cashcrate is the best Get Paid To site on the web!...

Cashcrate has always made me happy, they pay the most money per survey and it is free. Here is my payment I received this month:

That is a check for $23.38. This was earned without having the automatic survey completer tools located here, Autocomplete Surveys in Less than 20 seconds. Cashcrate is a great site to earn money for free online. Check it out and join by click below:

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Autocomplete Surveys in less than 20 seconds for Cashcrate, Points2Shop, etc

During my time with Get Paid to Do Survey sites, I have always looked for tools to complete surveys for me. If you are aware of survey taking, they can be hard at times and very long. I conjured up a couple tools that will finish the surveys in less than 20 seconds where by doing manually it would take upwards at 1 minute...

The tools are all firefox based addons, so this is viral and legit. I will provide these tools and everything below, but all I ask is if you do plan to sign up for a site it would be nice if you used my links on here. I can only provide these tools if that happens. These tools can really speed up the process of making money using the internet.

So now onto the fun part! There is a Youtube video I made, which is attached below. If you do not want to read all this just see that and rate it as well. For starters, these tools need to be download so you can make money online fast:

Click the links to get the tools. With these tools, your ability to earn cash online using Get Paid Sites increase by three times. These will allow you to do more surveys meaning more money! In return all I ask is sign up with the sites I provide.

Attached is the Youtube video explaining all this:

Now as for Get Paid To sites you can join these below:
Cashcrate - Do Surveys Earn Money
Points2Shop - Redeem Your Earned Points For Prizes

Try the tools out, if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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Trust Points2Shop by receiving $1 free

Do you sometimes feel skeptical about joining sites like these? Do you feel like your hard work will not be appreciated? When I first began making money online, I felt the same way. Points2shop knows this feeling and to fix this they give $1 free...

Are you wondering how you can get this money? Well when a user first signs up to Point2shop they receive 250 points for free after they confirm there account. Before starting to get the hang of the site, doing offers, playing games to get points, etc, you can order a $1 bill to be sent to your home. It only will cost you 100 points.

This is a great way to check if they are legit. I have done this and received my bill in a few days time and so have millions of other users. They do this to prove that when you use there site you will receive the prizes and money you earned. This can also motivate users to earn cash using the internet because it can be trusted.

And if you still feel like Points2shop is not for you, you can just sign up, confirm account, then redeem the $1 bill and never use the site again. Great way to get $1! This site is especially great for teens because of the prizes.

So try the site out, it is recommended 100% by me. Join below:

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