Swagbucks to Replace Google by 2010

Replace Google? Is that even possible? The way Google has been growing for the past 10 years has been astonishing. Google search engine is great for all users, but does it pay you to search? I don't think so. Swagbucks, a Google and Ask.com search engine, has been hitting users with a big shock.

Swagbucks lets people earn points called swagbucks for searching the web. You do not know when you will earn a point, it is random, making it even more fun. The feeling of searching Google and getting your results can never compare to search Swagbucks and all of sudden receiving that point. It is awesome!

They offer thousands of prizes to redeem with your swagbucks from posters, music, gift cards, video games to even school supplies. Searching on Swagbucks is not the only thing you can do, you can try to find the daily Swagcode that the site owners put out. This is an easy way to earn Swagbucks as well.

If your not fond of doing searches, you can always refer your friends, family, and others to join under you. Swagbucks has a unique referral system where you earn up to 100 points of your referral. After the 100 points, you cannot receive anymore from them. It is unique and works out really well in the end.

Are you wondering what is the point of using Swagbucks, big deal it gives you points to search! Daily almost every internet user uses a search engine to get information have that be Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc but none have a system that rewards you for doing it. Swagbucks allows users to earn cash online.

Swagbucks is unique, it will take over Google. Everyone wants to get free stuff and Swagbucks allows users to do that. Why are you still using Google, Yahoo, Bing? Switch over to Swagbucks and get your swag on!

Join today below:

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3 Responses to “Swagbucks to Replace Google by 2010”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting phenomena.

  2. nahid5692001 says:

    Yes it is, swagbucks is a great way to earn money. I have received alot of gift cards. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. freemoneysite says:

    although i would like to have swagbucks as one of the leading site as i'm a also a member but Google got a lot tools and features that benefited webmaster

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