Why Referrals are Important

Referrals are important. They are very important. Referrals are another quick way to earn cash online. If you can get good referrals, you can earn three times the amount you do now...

What can Referrals do for me?

The answer to this question is that they can do whatever you are doing. Referrals join under you on sites like Cashcrate, or Swagbucks and do exactly the same tasks of making money as you do. But the difference is that, you earn a certain percentage of their earnings. That is why you can earn more money if you have referrals.

How can I earn money with Referrals?

If you are a member of a Get Paid site, I recommend Cashcrate, then you are given your own personal referral link. New users need to use this link and sign up on the site. Upon doing that, they are put as your referral and you will earn from them. For example, on Cashcrate and Points2shop you get a referral to sign up under you, then whenever they earn you will earn 20% of that. Great way to earn cash using the internet!

Where do I get Referrals?

This is one of the most asked questions on get paid sites. Everyone has there special methods to get them. Some basics are by word of mouth to friends, church members, sports team, family, etc. Another one is to make a poster and post it in your school, university, church, community places, library, restaurants, etc.

I like to put posters up in my university, this gets me many referrals because all students need the money. Another simple one is to make a Youtube video. This is very beneficial, just be yourself and explain how you complete a survey on your favorite site.

Another one is to purchase advertisement for your newspaper. This is by far the best method because it can bring in hundreds of referrals. These were just some basics, getting referrals takes thought and time. If you find a good one, don't tell anyone and keep it a secret, it will benefit you more!

What if I don't get any Referrals?

For example, If you earned $300 from Cashcrate just from surveys (congrats to you, that is a great achievement) then there will be very few surveys left and it takes time for the company to add more. If you have referrals then they can earn for you, meaning you can relax while they earn and enjoy the money every month. So if you do not get any referrals then your income will seize at one point. So tell your friends and explain to them as a basic way to get referrals. Friends can earn you a lot of money!

As you can see referrals are important if you want to make money using the internet. They will increase your income by threefold. Sign up to trusted sites such as Cashcrate, Points2Shop, DealBarbiePays, Swagbucks and more, then spread the word!

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