Points2Shop Get Paid to do Surveys Review

I reviewed Cashcrate as the number one money making site on the web today. Points2shop is not very far behind in comparison. My first impression on Points2shop was great. There site has a great layout and feels nice. I have received payments from this site and am going to receive another one soon. They pay through paypal, check, money order, and other options. I recommend all users to sign up to Points2shop because there is alot quick ways to earn cash for teens on here...

I think Points2shop is separate from the rest because you earn points and dollars. You can use the points towards amazon purchases. This is really great because Amazon is open to millions of items. On the other hand, you will also earn cash in your account.

Some features of this program are:

  1. Redeem your points directly at Amazon.com.
  2. Amazon.com orders are sent daily and without shipping costs.
  3. Highest payout per offer.
  4. Receive 250 points (worth $2.50) on registration on Points2shop or $0.50 on Cashle.
  5. Three ref. levels for American members: 15%, 3%, 2%
  6. Receive up to $1.00 for every US member you refer.
  7. Fast and friendly support by site, email address, IM and Shoutbox.
These are some general features of this great Get Paid site. If you see step 6, this is the best part of Points2shop. When you refer a new user and they confirm there account, then automatically you will receive $0.50. When they complete there first offer, you will receive another $0.50. You get a total of $1 for just referring someone plus the 15% that they earn. Your potential to earn cash online is higher. Very nice!

This site can make you a lot of money online. I know that making money online is not easy, but sites like these make it easy for us. They also have a Games section where you can use your points to earn even more if you win! Points2Ship is fun and interactive, and open to everyone even teenagers.

I recommend that you give this a try, it is free. If you have not already, please sign up by click below:

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