Deal Barbie Pays Get Paid To - Review

Deal Barbie Pays is another site ranking above most in the Get Paid To business. They have over 1000 survey offers to complete totaling over $2000. This site also provides many more options then others. They have games, raffle drawings, advertisements, pay to click, and more all in one. The potential to earn cash using the internet is higher with these extra features.

This is the perfect site for a user that is looking for many money making opportunities all in one. The minimum payout is at $20 with Paypal or check. Paypal is sent instantly to your account! This means no more waiting for your money to come!...

Some great features about making money with Deal Barbie Pays is:

  •  A $5 free signup bonus!
  • More than 1000 surveys to complete.
  • Pay to click offers as well.
  • Instant Paypal payments or check.
  • Earn 20% of Level 1 Referrals, and 10% of Level 2 Referrals! 

This program pays you 20% of what your direct referrals make plus 10% of what your direct referrals' referrals make. That is a good service because the earning potential from referrals is lifetime and endless. A unique feature is that you can purchase a referral program. All users that sign up without a referral link are automatically added to someones account. To do this one can purchase a referral upgrade, this gives you the ability to receive those non referral sign ups. Another great feature!

I really like this site because of all the different and unique ways to earn money. I would still rank Cashcrate as the number one GPT site with Points2shop closely behind, but Deal Barbie Pays comes in third. They have paid out over $700,000. Isn't that number impressing? I think it is!

Again, I recommend users to try Deal Barbie Pays because you never know which site you might like. The most important part is that they pay you for your hard work and they pay very well per survey. If you need a job, or a teen, or a stay at home mom, then join today as it will benefit you alot. Please feel free to click below and sign up:

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