Swagbucks - Get Paid To Search Review

Swagbucks has revolutionized the internet. Most users use Google to do their searching and browsing. I know I do. Swagbucks is a search site that uses Google and Ask search engine to give you results but in turn gives rewards for searching. Out of all Get Paid To sites, this would rank as the quickest way to earn cash for teens, college students, and at home moms.

There rewards come in the name of Swagbucks. When you search using there site, you randomly will receive Swagbucks. You might get 15 swagbucks a day or you might get 1 swagbuck, it just has to do with what you search and at what times. I have earned 115 Swagbucks on this site as of September 1, 2009.

So are you wondering what is a Swagbuck good for? You can use the swagbucks to buy gift cards, music, video games, CD's, movies, wallpapers, computer stuff, books and just about anything. I use them to get Amazon Gift Cards. To understand it more here are some examples:

45 Swagucks = $5 Amazon Gift Card
70 Swagbucks = $5 Paypal Money...

Search & Win

I always get the Amazon gift cards because being a student, it helps me buy books for university. Also in the long run it is more beneficial to buy Amazon cards. I really recommend that all users sign up and use this site. Everyone on the internet uses a search engine, and mostly always its Google. So why not get rewarded for your searches.

Apart from getting Swagbucks as you search, there are special codes called Swagcodes. Everyday the Swagbucks team produces one of these codes. They use a swidget, a swagbucks widget, it is located on my site and you can use it to get the swagcodes. The team puts information on where to get the code, and sometimes they just give it away. But don't get too excited. There is always a limited time that the code works. So you just have to get lucky and check for it at the right time.

Keep posted on this site to find out the daily Swagcodes. I really recommend this site to all users looking to make money online. This site never gets boring and the site administrators always keep us entertained with new ways to earn and new prizes. This is a great opportunity to make money using the internet.

If you have not joined already, feel free to click here and join:

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