Saving Money with Giftcards on Ebay

Saving money with giftcards on ebay
It has been awhile since I have updated my blog. I have been busy with school, and life, in general. I thought I would get back into it by sharing a technique that many people may not know of. The easiest way to save money is to determine the types of things that you do on a daily basis. For example, I drink Starbucks on a daily basis. I spend a good amount of money on this activity and will continue doing so for years to come. How can I save money on an activity like this? 

Well, it's simple. Ebay is an auction-based website where you can purchase good others put up for sale. In regards to my example above, you can purchase pre-loaded Starbucks gift cards for approximately 15% off. I recently purchased a $200 gift card for $170. That is a lot of coffee for free! Determine what activities you do on a regular basis and take a look on Ebay to see if anyone has gift cards for sale. 

However, before doing so there are frauds out there selling fake gift cards. Here are a few tips on auctions you might want to avoid:

  • Check if the seller has good positive feedback. One or two negatives is OK if the majority are positives.
  • Check the listing details to see if anything stands out. If something is weird, then do not bid.
  • Also keep in mind that you are not going to get something for extremely cheap. For example, a $200 gift card will never sell for $100. If it is too good to be true, then avoid it.
  • Check the images to make sure it is the right company, and that nothing is strange.
If any of these tips stand out, then avoid the auction and move onto the next one. Another alternative is to email the seller and ask him/her directly. If they do not respond or respond in a manner that you believe they are hiding something, then go to the next auction.

Anyways, I hope you can save money using this method. Let me know what kind of gift cards you picked up on Ebay!

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CashPirate Payment Received!

I have neglected this blog for about two years which resulted in completely forgetting about it. After reading up on my previous posts, I decided to log in to all my GPT sites to see how much money was accumulated. I had a good amount of money earned by referrals so thank you to all of you. Here is a proof of payment by CashPirate. Check it out below:

Go ahead and signed up for CashPirate: click here and help me out by being my referral.

Points2shop pays money!

Points2shop is one of the most used Get Paid sites on the web today.Why not? It is the easiest way to earn quick cash for teens, moms, and anyone. The best way to earn a good income online is to use many sites together and I recommend putting Points2shop on the list of best money making sites. I received a payment from them and here it is:

My earnings with making money online have taken a big leap since I joined Points2shop. They are an easy survey site that requires maybe 20 minutes a day. I really recommend that users put this in their arsenal of Get Paid sites. Join today because you can earn quick cash!

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Fast Cash with Cashpirate

Found another excellent way to earn quick cash online. This get paid site is called Cashpirate and I receive payment from them just a couple days ago. I really like this site because the offers approve almost instantly. The payout is at $5 and I made that in one hour because it is so fast. They pay by pay pal, or check. here is the payment I received:

Cashpirate is highly recommend way to earn money online fast. They are just like any other Get Paid To site, you complete surveys and earn money. They are better than Cashcrate by far! Join today!

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Earn Cash for your Opinion, IMReportCard

Did you know that you can earn quick cash online by giving your opinion? With IM Report Card you can! This is a Get Paid to Review site where users review products, services, and people. This is one of the quickest ways to earn money online!

What is IM Report Card?

This site provides hundreds of internet products, services, and people and the users are able to review them. This way people can know what is a scam on the internet by reading reviews prior to using the service.

How can I Earn Quick Cash with IM Report Card?

You are paid in credits on this site. You can earn credits by rating a review, rating a comment, or reviewing a product. The credits are given by:

Rate a Review or another users' comment:        1 Credit
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp:  10 Credits
Add your own comment to any review:  50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review: 75 Credits
100 Credits is equal to $1.

As you can see it is very simple to earn money with this program. They payout is at $20 or 2000 credits, but that can be reached within a day. IM Report Card pays via Paypal, and they pay withing 24 hours!

Are there any rules?

Yes yes, just like any money making site there are some rules that users need to follow such as:

  1. Don't spam your reviews. Write a well thought out more than 100 word review. If you do not know about the service, product, or person try to sound like you do. Read the original review and compose one with that information.
  2. You have 10 strikes then you are banned. Meaning if your comments get rejected ten times then you are done with the site.
  3. You can grade reviews but only if you also gave your comments. You have to keep a balance of it all.
So there you have it, if you want to earn quick money online, then IM Report Card is for you. It is fun, easy and fast. This is a recommended site by me because earning $20 in less than two hours is highly reachable with this program. Join today, and watch your money grow!

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Autofill Survey Forms with Roboform

Do you get tired of filling in forms asking for addresses, names, phone numbers, etc? There are tools that will auto fill surveys in for you, which in turn can make you earn more money online... This application acts as a Firefox addon and its task is to save your information and fill forms in automatically.

What are the benefits of Form Fillers?

If you are familiar with Get Paid sites than you know that filling the forms over and over again can be hard. What Roboform does is when prompted by you, it will fill in the boxes with your information that was saved as a profile.

How does this allow me to Earn Money Online?

First I recommend that you join a Get Paid to take Survey site such as Cashcrate, Points2shop, and Deal Barbie Pays. This tool will allow you to earn money by cutting of a lot of valuable time which was spend by manual form filling. This saved time will allow you to do more surveys and be more productive. More surveys = More Money!

Where can I use form fillers to earn quick cash?

This tool is meant for Get Paid To (GPT) sites. I have a recommendation of good GPT sites at the bottom of the post for you. We all have a lot of things going on in our lives, and using these form fillers will save time and make more money!

This tool is wonderful. It is free and can be downloaded from there website. I recommend this to all users who want to take surveys online. Also some recommended Get Paid sites are:

Get Paid to Take Surveys:

Those sites are perfect to use Roboform with. You can download and install Roboform here: Try these sites with the tool, and watch your money grow!

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