YouData - Get Paid To Click Review

YouData is a Pay to Click site that actually pays via paypal. Most pay to click sites do not pay there users, or they take over six months to do so. I found one that pays via paypal every Friday. Also this is the simplest Pay To Click as well because you only need to view the banners and the money is automatically transferred to your earnings...

I joined this about two weeks ago, and the first week I received my payment. This is a quick way to earn money using the internet. I am very impressed with this site because it looks very professional and pays very well per click and impression.

Most PTC sites pay $0.01 per click, YouData pays $0.15 per click. This site really beats the rest. It is really easy to sign up, just follow these steps:

  1.  Sign up here, YouData - Best Pay To Click Site
  2. Enter your information, as well as phone number. They will send a text message with confirmation number. Confirm your phone as well.
  3. When you get to the home page, you will see 'Current Offers' and you can see how much money is available to you. Click 'To Ads'.
  4. Log in to the Text Ad application with you information. Click on Look at ads.
  5. You will automatically make money for viewing the banners, now click on all the banners. After clicking, you will see your balance go up.
  6. Click on 'Jump To Collect' to get your balance. Continue this process until all the ads are done
  7. Now you are done, expect a payment via paypal every Friday from them.
This is the simplest way I have seen to make money online. It takes literally two minutes and you can earn an average of $1 to $2. If you fill in your MeFile profile info you can receive more ads to view as well. Another great method to earn cash online!

Take a look at the site, and join today and receive easy money in your paypal account. Click below to go to site:

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