Why Cashcrate is Good

Well first, I have earned over $200 with Cashcrate. If you want to earn cash using the internet, Cashcrate is the answer. There are many other reasons why they stand out compared to others. I have tried many other GPT sites such as Cashlagoon, SquishyCash, FusionCash, Points2Shop, and Cashle. All these are the best ones on the internet today but, in my opinion, non can compare to Cashcrate.

You don't believe me? Let me explain. All of the sites above always pay you on time and with no issues. The only problem I see with the others is the availability of survey offers. Cashcrate has over 1000 surveys when you first sign up. They each range from $0.25 to $3.00 for the free ones. There are trial and credit card offers which require more commitment but pay more. I do not recommend that you do those because there is risk of losing money...

Now, when I first joined this was my first site I ever did. I did not not know how to do surveys at all and I did not have tools to automatically do surveys for me (you can find these tools in my other post). I still managed to make $115 in one months time. Now that is impressive for any beginner!

Another reason why they are the best, has to do with there referral system. They have a 2-tier system with 20% and 10%, meaning you get 20% from who you directly referred and get 10% from who your referrals directly referred. This is a really good system and I love it. I have earned way more on referrals then I did on surveys!

The last reason has to be the simplicity of their webpage. I have been to other GPT sites which have so many advertisements and stuff on their page that a newcomer will most likely not be interested as it seems like a scam. If you take a look at th+
+ Cashcrate website, there are no ads and nothing to make you feel like its a scam.

If you just got laid off or need a job, this is the best option. These reason above to me set Cashcrate on the different level to make money online compared to others. You can join and start earning today! Check it out here:

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