How to do Suveys on Get Paid To sites

If you were to join any Get Paid sites, you need to know how to use them properly to benefit and make money. Throughout this blog many "get paid to take survey" sites have been reviewed, please join them and read this tutorial on how to do surveys...

Before you can start doing surveys manually, we need some tools. I recommend you download these:

  1. Firefox
  2. Roboform
  3.  CookieCuller 
Click the links above to download the applications from there respected sites. Let me explain what these programs are. Firefox is the web browser, and in my opinion, it is the best one to do surveys on because of all of its add ons. Roboform is the form filler that will auto fill the surveys forms for us with our information, and Fireform is a firefox addon for auto filling forms. You can get whichever you choose, I use Fireform. CookieCuiller, is a simple cookie cleaning firefox addon. After doing a survey cookies need to be cleared or you will not receive the money. I will cover below.

Now that you have all these tools, lets get started:

  1. Sign up to a GPT site, then log on.
  2. Pick a survey and click on it
    • I like to do the ones that say "Complete offer then click on 2 offers on the last page"
  3. After opening the offer, you will be promoted to enter  your email.
    • If you haven't done so previously make a new Identity in your chose form filler. Fill the information in and save it.
    • Now, go to This is a free spam email service. You can create a spam email in seconds. You can make unlimited number of them. I make a new one for each survey I do.
  4. Enter your email and click submit
  5. Now, use form filler and auto fill the forms. Then click submit
  6. Next, you will see the survey. You will have to skip pages and fill in bubbles. 
    • You NEVER, I repeat NEVER need to do these extra offers, just skip them.
    • When you see, circulur bubbles that say choose 'Yes' or 'No'. Press "Alt and +" at the same time to fill all bubbles in. This is a nifty trick!
  7. Keep doing this until you reach a page that says "Congratulations", or 'You Are done'.
  8. Click on 2 offers and let them load.
  9. Go back to your Survey site and submit your completed Offer
  10. Use CookieCuiller to clear your cookies, then repeat.
I know this was alot of reading, that is why I compiled videos in my Youtube channel so it is easier to understand. It shows how to complete a cashcrate tutorial fast:

Cashcrate Tutorial:

I hope this helped. Pick a survey site on this blog and join today!

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