Earn Cash for your Opinion, IMReportCard

Did you know that you can earn quick cash online by giving your opinion? With IM Report Card you can! This is a Get Paid to Review site where users review products, services, and people. This is one of the quickest ways to earn money online!

What is IM Report Card?

This site provides hundreds of internet products, services, and people and the users are able to review them. This way people can know what is a scam on the internet by reading reviews prior to using the service.

How can I Earn Quick Cash with IM Report Card?

You are paid in credits on this site. You can earn credits by rating a review, rating a comment, or reviewing a product. The credits are given by:

Rate a Review or another users' comment:        1 Credit
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp:  10 Credits
Add your own comment to any review:  50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review: 75 Credits
100 Credits is equal to $1.

As you can see it is very simple to earn money with this program. They payout is at $20 or 2000 credits, but that can be reached within a day. IM Report Card pays via Paypal, and they pay withing 24 hours!

Are there any rules?

Yes yes, just like any money making site there are some rules that users need to follow such as:

  1. Don't spam your reviews. Write a well thought out more than 100 word review. If you do not know about the service, product, or person try to sound like you do. Read the original review and compose one with that information.
  2. You have 10 strikes then you are banned. Meaning if your comments get rejected ten times then you are done with the site.
  3. You can grade reviews but only if you also gave your comments. You have to keep a balance of it all.
So there you have it, if you want to earn quick money online, then IM Report Card is for you. It is fun, easy and fast. This is a recommended site by me because earning $20 in less than two hours is highly reachable with this program. Join today, and watch your money grow!

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